Tribal Ministry
Discipleship & Leadership Ministries- Tribal Children Education
Rev 7:9-10

Who are Tribes in India
India has a population of 1.1 Billion.  16% of this population are “ untouchables “.   The scheduled tribes  are classified in the lower end of the Caste system.  They are neglected to  a high degree  in the socio-economical arena. Many tribes live in the forest, near the river and in regular settlement areas where they have their residence and occupation. They are  skilled in  weaving carpets, extracting honey, farm labor, bamboo work,  mat making and other trades.  They  have high illiteracy rate which makes them vulnerable for exploitation. Owners and landlords exploit them by using their skill and labor in economical and social aspects of life.

Palliyars and Polliayars
These tribes are people who moved to Tamil Nadu from Kerala 150 years ago and are settled at Kodaikanl mainly in the Lower Hills. The altitude is 3500-4700 Ft above Sea level having conducive eco balance for certain types of vegetation namely coffee, Plantain and other vegetables. The land lords own large property ranging  hundreds of  acres and they employ  tribal people  for farm labor at marginal salary  with no benefits.

Children Caught up in - Bonded Labor
The landlords pay them very little salary and keep them in perpetual debts leading to a bonded labor situation. The young boys and girls of this tribal community  are exploited physically, sexually, mentally and spiritually. The poverty and limited resources drive these children to live a sub-human life all the time A long time social worker and missionary from ACT  India foundation   has already ventured to redeem the kids from this utter hopelessness and offer them a value based Christian Environment.  DLM is partnering with ACT India Foundation from 1987-Now  offering   economical assistance, leadership development, skill enhancement  and spiritual training from time to time  to combat the ongoing poverty and exploitation.

It is a- Mission Ministry

  • Make Disciples- Jesus said, ..Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,… Matt 28:19-20
  • Multiply Disciples- ..”Entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others”. 2 Tim2: 2

Vision Statement
Discipleship and Leadership Ministries(DLM) is committed to promote Biblical Leadership and Discipleship by enabling and empowering believers, pastors and missionaries through teaching and training. DLM integrates and channels its vision through socio-economical,professional and personal aspects of life .It serves individuals, small groups, Churches and Mission agencies in their contexts.

A. Training
B. Tribal Children Development
C. Home for the Home Less

    A. Training
    Jesus said,
    The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of harvest,
    therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field “. Matthew 9:37-38

  The Spirit of God is moving through Asia and India in a wonderful way and many are responding to the Gospel. To offer shepherding care for the growing Church many leaders respond to the call of God. According to a survey 40-70%  of them  have limited background education and have no theological training. DLM has been working in this area for over 15  years and have developed  a format that is  contextually relevant  and is available in Tamil. It is a 30 day training program. The pastors take a course for  3 days in a month and go for 10 months to complete the courses.  It is biblical, motivational and spiritual. It offers tools and skills in ministry. This will enable and empower them to extend the Kingdom of God.

B. Tribal Children Development: Rev 7:9-10
         Jesus said,  In as much you did it to one the least of these my brethren, you did it to Me”. Matt 25:40

    India has a population of 1 Billion and out of that 10-12 % are listed under Tribal categories sociologically. They are skilled labors in many areas such as carpet weaving, Extracting honey, bamboo mat making, forest work, farming. They are often illiterate and are exploited by the land lords and business people. They are socially a neglected group and they the women folk and the girls are exploited in all aspect.  In southern Tamil Nadu in the Kodaikanal Hills they live in an altitude of 3500-4700 FT above sea level. The children are bonded labors and the land lords keep them for generations. This program offers them a Christian Home environment to integrate formal education and value based education that is spiritual. They are taken though Grade 1-12 education with added skills like computer, tailoring and other interested hobbies. The whole idea is to develop them into responsible citizens in the community. They will be salt and light in the community.

C. Orphans
    This program helps the orphans in the care centers to develop integrated skills in education, computers and other job related skills. A value based education and Christian teachings are offered to help. They will be responsible citizens in the community.

Partnership Possibilities
Invest you interest on people who work for the Kingdom of God.

Along with prayer you can make a personal impact on these programs by visiting our program centers or You can share your resources. You can sponsor a mission project with DLM to suit your vision , mission and budget.

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