Future Targets
Mission-Vision of DLM 2005-2020

Jesus said,
" The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of
harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field “. Matthew 9:37-38

A Wonderful Partnership Opportunity for you- To Train 1000 Pastors in India.

  • Think Globally act Locally!
  • Do you want your Church to be alive and growing - Get Involved in Missions?
  • Growing Churches are - Churches With a Mission and Action Plan.
  • Join hands with the great harvest in the 3rd Millennium.

This is a vision to train 1000 Pastors over a period of 10 Years. Yearly 100 Pastors.
50 in Tamil Nadu -
50 In Andra Pradesh

Why Training?
It is noted in a recent survey by DLM that many independent Churches have pastors with little or no effective training. Many obey the call of God and indulge in the mission fields with no proper guidance and no educational background. They lack time and money to get into Theological Schools. They respond to the need and these pastors start independent Churches. At the Church Planting stage there is little or no care for believers to grow. Many field studies reveal the decline and division of newly planted churches due to lack of Biblical teaching and a solid foundation for the believers. DLM has been offering pastoral care inputs for the last many years with many " one day one topic focus ". This factor has given birth to the vision, mission and action plan for an on going- Pastoral Care & Leadership Program for ministers to build effective knowledge of the word of God and tools in ministry. This training is a need based practical program that incorporates several needed components that are essential for ministry.

PLEAD - On job Training For Pastors and Lay Leaders

Pastoral Leadership Evangelism And Discipleship
DLM after 20 years of ministry, field exposure, field study and analysis has evolved this vision and action plan to meet the need in Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh in the first Phase.

They will go through 10 Module classes over 10 Months on different topics:

Bible Courses 3
Evangelism 1
Missions 1
Leadership & Discipleship 1
Management & Partnership 1
Church History 1
Preaching 1
Counseling 1
  • The pastors and the key leaders from their Churches will allot 3 days in a month for training along with their work or ministry.
  • They will go through 10 Module classes on different topics.
  • They will apply these principles as they learn and work in the field.
  • They will complete the course with a Vision and Needed Tools for ministry.
  • They will go out into the world to extend the Kingdom of God.

Get Mission Vision - Through DLM Partnership:

  • You can be involved in mission abroad while you are at home.
  • You can pray and sponsor training programs for the great mission need in India.
  • You can visit the trainees during training programs to see the mission Challenge.
  • You can go back to motivate your Church for missions.
  • You can have a Short term Mission Trip to experience a Mission Challenge