Family Seminars: These seminars are for couples to integrate Life and faith as a team to be good role models at home, Church and Community.

Pastoral Care Programs: One Day One Topic Seminars are conducted to address areas on leadership, management church planting, understanding the Bible, preaching tools, contemporary trends, cross cultural communication and other requested topics. These Pastoral care programs are sequential and it builds one concept and application over the other. This program has received a welcoming feedback in urban cities, sub-urban towns and villages in India. Mostly the program is run at the hometown of the Pastors .Due to the growing need in this area a sharper focus on these programs have developed from 2000 AD.

Need Based Programs and Assistance: DLM offers monetary assistance to help those of low economic status in the areas of education, medical needs and family support needs. Different methods like L:oan recovery plan, Loan clearance plan and assistance are available to meet the needs of the poor.

Partnerships: Partnerships are done in cooperation with various Christian organizations through consultancy, training and financial assistance to extend the Kingdom,

Seminary Training & Scholarships: This is to motivate youngsters for ministry and to facilitate students who are responding the call of God to go for Seminary Training & guide them with suitable - Scholarships. Trained DLM students are serving in various organizations and also in various states in India and also in the neighboring country – Bhutan.

Personal: The Director-Visionary is a trained Missiologist. Trained in US and in India.All faculty involved in training programs are all professionally trained Individuals