Welcome to Discipleship and leadership Ministries

It is a- Mission Ministry

Make Disciples- Jesus said, ..Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,… Matt 28:19-20

Multiply Disciples- ..”Entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others”. 2 Tim2: 2

Vision Statement

Discipleship and Leadership Ministries (DLM) is committed to promote Biblical Leadership and Discipleship by enabling and empowering believers, pastors and missionaries through teaching and training. DLM integrates and channels its vision through socio-economical, professional and personal aspects of life .It serves individuals, small groups, Churches and Mission agencies in their contexts.

It is a - People Centered Ministry

We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present every one perfect in Christ. Colossians 1:28

DLM’s focus is “People”. Its programs are designed in such a way that it integrates various aspects of one’s faith and life to be effective communicators of God’s love

It is a - Pastoral Care ministry

Jesus said, “Feed my lambs”. John 21:15
Jesus said “Take care of my sheep “. John 21:16
Jesus said “Feed my sheep “. John 21:17

Over the years DLM has recognized that all people in different fields need nurture in various dimensions- spiritual, emotional, physical and socio-economical. A dynamic “tailor made” pastoral care program is designed to cater to individual needs


2017  Has  new doors and possibilities.
Feb 17-  Prayer Seminar - Hampton VA
March & April - Training Programs - For Pastors

  • 100  Graduated  at KARIMNAGAR - Telengana
  • 25 Students Graduated in Ongole in Andra Pradesh.
  • 7 - Pastors Seminar in TAMIL NADU & PONDY CHERRI.
  • 2 - Missionary Training
  • 1 - Theological School VISIT and Lecture on - Missions.
  • BIHAR - 3rd Seminar. Seminar on Missions for 25 Pastors.
  • VISAKAPATNAM - AP - Survey and 1st Pastoral Training Classes
  • Literature Ministry:
Book Release - TOWARDS THE CROSS - 47 Devotions from Gospel of Mark
Lenten Devotional Tracts in - Tamil & Telugu.

Lectures in TAMIL on Christian Management Topics.
Scholarships & Assistances: 7