Kingdom Partnerships:

DLM Partnership Ventures

Home Mission:
In the Bible we see there are illustrations of partnerships. In fact the Trinity illustrates a wonderful partnership and service.

DLM ministry has initiated ministry ventures over the passage of time with effective partnerships with other ministries.
Initiated Action Classes

Dying Seed Ministries.

  • Designed and Developed Staff Development programs with many organizations.
  • Facilitated the formation of Endowed Scholarship Fund for Education.
  • Facilitated Yearly Lenten Devotional Literature with Follow Up Ministries
  • Christmas Message in - Tamil and Telugu.

Your Partnership with US :

  •  The growing DLM ministry needs immense prayer.
  •  You can pray as a partner in ministry.
  •  You can assist DLM through financial assistance and gifts.
  •  You can be part of the on going mission and vision of DLM by sponsoring training Programs